Earth Day is Important for the Everglades

Each year, Earth day is celebrated on April 22. Back in 1970, 20 million people participated in the first Earth Day celebration. Fast forward 47 years, and we now have the Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species Acts. Florida is home to the Everglades, many species of animals, fish and birds, and thousands of plant life, so Earth Day and these environmental laws have special meaning to this state.

Two years ago, President Obama visited the Everglades on Earth Day to speak on climate change. South Florida, including the Everglades, is extremely vulnerable to climate change. South Florida has a high population, and a low, flat landscape; it’s beaches are eroding and flooding occurs often during high tides. As the sea level continues to rise, this not only compromises the land, but the drinking water available to South Florida’s residents, as well. With higher sea levels, the drinker water will become saltier for millions of people.  This is because the Everglades refills and protects the basin Biscayne Aquifer that supplies drinking water to one-third of Florida. Obama expressed during his Earth Day speech that we cannot deny the effects of climate change, and its biggest impacts will be happening in South Florida.

Every year, the Everglades does something for such an important day for the wetland. Check out for news and updates on events and happenings occurring.

Also each year, the Conservancy of Southwest Florida Nature Center hosts an Earth Day celebration with activities and events for all ages. More than 1,200 people attend this celebration. Some activites include: animal programs, boat tours, food, music, educational programs and lectures. For a full list of this year’s activities, click here.

Through environmental awareness, the Everglades has been slowly going through restorations. The damage currently done can show us all how important it is to fix what we’ve done to hurt the environment before it’s too late.

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