Airboat Tours are Eco-Friendly for the Everglades 

climbing fernAs many people know, the Everglades’ ecosystem is struggling. Between human development, invasive species, and Mother Nature, this area has been through a lot, and it needs help to restore itself back to its original, healthy state.  

The Everglades has a sensitive and precarious ecosystem and even minor changes or damage to the Everglades can have dramatic consequences on the heath of the overall ecosystem.  

Tourism, including fun activities like an airboat tour, is a great way to promote the Everglades and to encourage conservationas well as a general love for this areaSince the Everglades needs to recover, it’s important to focus on “eco-tourism,” which are environmentally friendly tourism options that seek to minimize damage and negative impacts on the environments they seek to promote. 

One of the best ways to explore the Everglades is also the most eco-friendly: the airboat. Airboats do little to no damage to the surrounding environment and are far more stable and secure than kayaks or inflatable watercrafts.  

Airboats ride one top of the water and the propeller is above the waterline, which means aquatic plants and animals are not threatened by propellers tearing through the water.  

If the airboat encounters a larger animal, it is most likely to slide right over it, leaving the animal and passengers of the boat unharmed. 

An airboat ride is great way to see the Everglades without leaving permanent damage in your wake – something that is incredibly important to such a delicate ecosystem. 

Eco-tourism is so important to the Everglades right now as the community, researchers, and officials are coming together to try and save this special wetland. This area has plants, animals, and other species seen nowhere else in the world, so it’s important that it does not disappear.  

An airboat tour offers the best of both worlds as it allows you to explore this beautiful environment and leave it no worse off than you found it. Airboats are an excellent way to see the Everglades without leaving a huge ecological footprint behind. 

Jump on an eco-friendly airboat ride with Captain Mitch’s Airboat tours in the Everglades today. 

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