Basics About the Everglades National Park

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For this article, we wanted to share with you some basics about the Park:

  • The Park was established on December 6, 1947
  • It is 1,542,526 acres
  • About 1 million people visit the Park each year.
  • The Park has three visitor centers: Ernest F. Coe, Flamingo, Shark Valley, Gulf Coast
  • It costs $25 for you to enter with a vehicle and $8 per person to enter
  • It is the third largest national park in the lower states
  • The main purpose of the Park is to preserve wilderness
  • It is the nation’s slowest, widest river that is 60 miles wide
  • The water moves at about 2.5 miles per day
  • The Seminole people called the area “River of Grass”
  • You can explore the entire Everglades’ coast by water vessels
  • You can enter the Park by land through Flamingo, Shark Valley or Gulf Coast.
  • The dry season, which is between December and March is when most guided tours, programs and park concessions are available. This is also the best time to see wading birds.

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