2018 Showed Everglades Restoration Helped Wading Birds

roseate spoonbillResearchers, scientists, government officials, park staff, and civilians have been trying to restore the Everglades in many different ways. One way is by helping out native species. We want native species to thrive in the Everglades, not disappear.


Many scientists have been trying to restore native bird populations. And in the last few months, state environmental officials announced that in 2018 there was in increase in wading bird nests that haven’t been seen since the 1940s.


According to South Florida Water Management District’s 2019 wading bird report, prepared along with Audubon Florida, the Everglades saw about 138,834 nests of white ibises, wood storks, roseate spoonbills, and other long-legged bird species in 2018. The highest number before that was 51,270 nests in 2009. There was even a “supercolony” in western Broward County where 59,120 nests were found, which has not been seen since the 1930s.


As you can tell by the numbers, this is great news and a promising outlook for native bird species in the Everglades.


How did this number increase so much? Well, one reason is the increase in fish populations due to the year’s rainfall patterns. The Broward supercolony birds likely increased due to the restoration of more water being moved around a teardrop-shaped island. The deep water kept away predators like racoons, so it was easier to nest.


2019 likely won’t see as big of a number as 2018, due to weather, but 2018’s season shows that further restoration on waterflow improvement will likely be successful for wading birds.  A bird biologist from the water management district believes if they get the water right at the right time, species can be recovered quickly.


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