Five Parts Crucial to the Everglades Restoration

everglades restorationThe National Academics of Sciences (NAS) wants a re-assessment on the current work being done to restore the Everglades.  The NAS committee wants to ensure that all the projects are involving climate change and its impacts. Currently, the NAS committee is assigned to monitor the restoration project.

The Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP) is trying to remove 240 miles of canals and levels to restore the sheetflow of water to how it was historically. This restoration is about restoring the livelihood of the entire ecosystem that will benefit the plant life, wild life, and human population.

NAS does not believe the current project/plans consider the effects of climate change. The committee believes you need to plan and design around climate change, sea-level rising, rising temperatures, and changes in rainfall in order to have a successful restoration plan. The committee wants a more rigorous analysis of the effects of climate change on restoration outcomes in order to plan so whatever is done is more resilient.

Below, are 5 components of Everglades Restoration that were put together in 2007 by the Committee on Independent Scientific Review of Everglades Restoration Progress.

  1. Creating enough water storage capacity and appropriate volumes of water that make healthy estuaries and bring the return of sheet flow.
  2. Bringing the water back to its natural flow patterns, volume, depth, velocity, direction, etc.
  3. Creating barriers so that higher water levels can be maintained in the Everglades.
  4. Creating methods for securing water quality conditions.
  5. Retaining, improving, and expanding habitats by protecting lands.


One of the biggest challenges the restoration faces is funding, but the hope is that the more we feel and see the effects of climate change and sea levels rising, more people will realize it’s important to restore the Everglades as quick as possible. Overall, the committee wants the Everglades Restoration to be prepared for all climate changes in the future.

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It’s important to restore the Everglades. If not, the wetland will shrink and disappear. Animals and plant species will also disappear, as well, if we do not take care of this area.

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