Explore by Foot on the Everglades’ Trails

The Everglades is vast! So, where do you begin? Although zipping through the wetland on an airboat tour is an amazing way to explore the area, there are several hiking and biking trails in the Everglades National Park that are worth the walk!

When exploring the Everglades by foot, the Park asks visitors to pay attention to the weather, wear proper attire, bring water, and leave pets at home.

We wanted to share with you a few trails that allow you to explore the flora and fauna of the Park.

Non-Maintained Trails (Due to nearby endangered species)

Coastal Prairie Trail – This trail is 11.2 miles long. It isn’t a recommended trail due to its open exposure to the sun and abundance of mosquitos. It also can get very muddy. Being 11.2 miles, this trail can be a very tiring walk. It’s a critical habitat for the Cape Sable thoroughwort.

Snake Bight – Snake Bite trail is a 7.6-mile loop. It’s level of difficulty is moderate leading visitors from the forest to the shoreline of the Florida Bay. You may spot crocodiles, flamingos, mosquitos, pythons and anacondas on this trail. Snake Bight can be walked or bight. Unfortunately, it is also very buggy and is a critical habitat for the Cable Sable thoroughwort.

Christian Point Trail – This trail is challenging as it leads people deep into a mangrove forest along the Florida Bay. After the forest, the trail opens up to a small prairie and then into a large mark prairie. Like the other two trails, this trail is also a critical habitat for Cape Sable thoroughwort and buggy, since the area is heavily vegetated. It is 4.2 miles round trip.

Other Non-Maintained Trails:
Rowdy Bend
Bear Lake
LPK Bike Trail

Maintained Trails:

Anhinga Trail – A popular trail and an easy one at .8 miles. It’s close to the Park entrance. You can easily spot wildlife on this trail, including alligators and birds.  There are several observation decks throughout the trail.

Bayshore Loop – Bayshore Loop is an easy to moderate level trail that is 1.3 miles long. This trail is extremely buggy. This loop brings visitors along the edge of the Florida Bay through the coastal prairie habitat and passes through the original fishing village of Flamingo. If you enjoy bird watching, this is the trail for you.

Pa-Hay-Okee Boardwalk – The Boardwalk is an easy .2 mile loop that leads visitors through the “River of Grass” (Pa-Hay-Okee). This boardwalk leads people to an observation tower.

Other Maintained Trails:
Bear Lake Trail
Bobcat Boardwalk
Gumbo Limbo Trail
Guy Bradley Trail
Mahogany Hammock Trail
Old Ingraham Highway
Otter Cave Hammock Trail
Pinelands Ecotone
West Lake Mangrove Trail

Explore The Everglades by Airboat

On foot, you get an up-and-close experience with this beautiful national park and might even get the chance to see some birds and animals! If you’re tired of walking, jump on an airboat tour!  To schedule an airboat trip when you’re visiting the Everglades, call Captain Mitch’s Airboat Tours at 239-695-3377 or click Everglades airboat tour page.