Everglades Wildlife Profile: Florida Cricket Frog

everglades wildlifeSeemingly endless amphibians live within the Everglades, including, unfortunately, some invasive species. The Everglades is the ideal habitat and breeding ground for amphibians considering there is so much water intertwined with land. Throughout the park, you can easily hear frogs and toads at any given time.


For this article, we wanted to share information on the Florida cricket frog. This frog is native to Florida and the Everglades and lives mostly all over the state. This frog can be found in freshwater places like lakes, puddles, streams, marshes, and roadside ditches.


An adult Florida cricket frog can grow to be between 3/4 to 1 1/4 inches in length. This type of frog can be different shades varying from dark brown to tan to green.


You can easily identify a Florida cricket frog by the triangular mark on the back of its head in between its eyes – they often also have a stripe along their spine, as well.


In Florida, there are three types of cricket frogs: Northern Cricket Frog, Southern Cricket Frog, and Florida Cricket Frog. The Florida cricket frog has two dark stripes on the back with no anal warts. The other two types have anal warts and different types of stripes.


The Florida cricket frog has webbed toes, do not have enlarged toe pads, and do not have enlarged glands behind the head.


This species of frog breeds from April to the fall months. They lay small clusters on plants in the water.


The cricket frog’s call sounds lick clicking similar to glass hitting another piece of glass.

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