Safety Tips for a Trip to the Everglades

safety tipsThe Everglades is a great place to take the whole family. There’s a lot of wonderful things to see and areas to explore, along with activities like airboat tours, biking, canoeing, shuttles, walking tour, and much more. Being an outdoor Park filled with wildlife, visitors must take precaution as anything can happen in terms of weather, flooding, restrictions, bugginess, etc.

When visiting the Park, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with some of the park’s safety rules, so you can get the most out of your visit. Safety is critical no matter what you choose to do in the park.

We’ve listed some of the Everglades National Park’s safety precautions, tips, and rules below. These safety rules are in play no matter the time of year you plan to visit the area.

  1. Pay attention to the weather. It can get very hot and humid in the Everglades during the summer. Dress appropriately, wear sunscreen, bring water, and bug spray.
  2. Children must be supervised. There are animals roaming freely all in the grasses and vegetation alongside the trails. For your child’s safety and yours, make sure everyone sticks to the trails.
  3. Pets are not allowed on the trails.
  4. Feeding wildlife is not allowed and is illegal. Animals can become aggressive if they’re being fed by humans in their wild habitat.
  5. Be aware of vultures. Vultures are federally protected. They have been known to damage the windshields, sunroofs, and windshield wipers of cars and other vehicles. The Park suggests you avoid parking near groups of vultures, park in full sun, put a car cover over the car, use loud noises to spook the vultures off the car or vehicle, and notify a park ranger if one is on your car and won’t leave.
  6. Leave the wildlife alone. If you harm, touch, or bother the animals or birds, you can get in trouble; it is illegal to interfere with the animals in any way.
  7. Do not leave a fire unattended.
  8. Do not tie or attach anything to trees.
  9. Do not leave garbage out or behind – this can attract wildlife.
  10. The Park suggests applying insect repellant before walking on any of the trails; the park also sells repellant at all stores in the Park. It’s best to stick to walking on paved areas if you want to stay away from bugs as much as possible.

Keep these 10 tips and safety rules in mind while visiting the Everglades. The trip will be much more enjoyable if you prepare for the trip properly, and don’t bother the animals of environment in any way.

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