Water Quality in the Everglades

evergladesLately, it seems like most news to come out about the Everglades isn’t too positive. Thankfully however, there was some good news to come out last month. Water quality is being restored in the Everglades. Over the past two decades, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) have had the goal of restoring water quality. Recent tests have shown that at least 90 percent of the Everglades now meets an “ultra clean” water quality when it comes to levels of phosphorus (10 parts per billion or less required by federal consent decree and under state law). Right now, 100 percent of the Everglades is below 8 parts per billion; 86 percent of the Everglades is at 8 parts per billion.

Progress IS being made in the Everglades. Before the Everglades Forever Act of 1994, the water in the Everglades area contained around 173 parts per billion of phosphorus. In the past five years, phosphorus levels in the water were around 20 parts per billion, and this was after they were filter through Stormwater Treatment Areas (STAs).

The few areas left are close to reaching very clean levels. Soon, the water quality of the entire ecosystem of the Everglades will be in compliance soon. The water restoration is part of Governor Rick Scott’s $880 million Restoration Strategies program.

Explore the Everglades on an Airboat

The Everglades is a remarkable, beautiful wetland and officials and community members are working hard at restoring so it doesn’t disappear. Since it’s a Park, there are many ways for visitors to explore the area. One of the best ways to take in all the Everglades has to offer is an airboat tour. Captain Mitch’s Airboat Tours has been operating in the Everglades for more than 30 years. To book a tour with Captain Mitch, click here or call 800-368-0065.