Wild Turkeys in the Everglades

wild turkeysThanksgiving is long gone, but wild turkeys are around all year! When you think of Everglades’ wildlife you probably think of alligators, the Florida panther and insects, but believe it or not, wild turkeys call the Everglades home too. In fact, Alaska is the only state without wild turkeys.

The Florida Wild Turkey inhabits pinelands, cypress swamps, prairies, and hardwood hammocks in southern Florida. Due to extensive logging in the Everglades, along with hunting, the wild turkey appeared to have disappeared from the Everglades. However, since 2000, efforts have been put in place to increase the wild turkey population in the Everglades.

Wild turkeys can weigh between 20 and 25 pounds over average. They can adapt to many different environments. They live in many different climates. They are hunted as food by great horned owls and panthers in the Everglades.

Adult wild turkeys can be aggressive towards humans if they feel threatened or in self-defense.

Wild turkeys are strong and can run up to 25 miles per hour and can fly (domestic turkeys can’t fly because they are bred to be heavier for their meat.)

Wild turkeys are known to have great eyesight about three times better than a human’s eyesight. They are omnivores and can hunt on land or by air.

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