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Captain Mitch’s Everglades Airboat tours. Take a THRILLING Everglades city airboat ride in the Florida Everglades Swamplands flying through through grass and swamps of the Everglades Islands. Everglades city Airboat tours are a great way to experience the thrill of flying like a true Florida Everglades local across the grass land swamps. Located in the grass area of Big Cypress national preserve and Everglades national park. Airboat tours are just minutes from Naples fl , Marco island and Ft Myers fl.

The Everglades

Taking a airboat ride in the Florida Everglades swamp land and an ecosystem unlike any other in the world. Similar ecosystems, such as the Amazon, Nile Basin and the Mississippi River Delta all differ from one another in many ways. One unifying factor, however, is the presence of significant freshwater rainfall near an ocean or other saltwater body. This flow of fresh water from rivers into salt water creates a mixture called brackish water. Brackish water which plays host to the wide variety of flora and fauna found in the Florida Everglades and at Everglades Private Airboat Tours.

Everglades nursery

Indeed the flow of nutrients and small mineral particles which flow into the Everglades serve as food for the small life forms. All of which grow in the Everglades city area nurseries grasses and ecosystem. Other semi-aquatic plant life found in the Everglades serve as a breeding ground and nursery for fish, birds, gators, deer, bears, hogs, snakes and more. The area is lush and green almost year-round due to the warm temperature and flow of fresh water created by the rains of 80″ to 120″ annually. These seasonal (mostly summer) rains create a sheeting action that flows less than 1 MPH both above and below the ground in Southern Florida. Stop by and let us show you the Everglades and its wonders on an Everglades airboat ride. A fun, thrilling, educational tourist attraction with the oldest family in the south Florida and Everglades City FL, airboat tours.

Travel with Captain Mitch on thousands of acres of private land at Everglades private airboat tours. Same price as our competition for a better tour.

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Airboat ride

All local captains from the everglades area will show Your group Alligators,Birds,snakes,and more on a one hour airboat ride in the Florida everglades. A thrill ride as well as a educational airboat tour on our private swamplands of the Everglades ten thousand islands. Learn about the Eco-system and how it works. While having fun and exploring the hard wood tree hammocks, cattail sloughs – spot a banded water snake or a Bald Eagle flying over head. There are many exciting an wonderful things to see or do at Captain Mitch,s Airboat tours Everglades city Fl so stop by relax count the fish and or Alligators in our pond with the kids.

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