Airboats Promote Eco-Tourism in the Everglades

airboats eco-friendly evergladesThe Everglades is a unique and dynamic landscape that is home to a whole host of different plant and animal species. It is a one-of-a-kind ecosystem that is as breathtaking as it is bursting with life. However, it should be noted that the ecosystem of the Everglades is a sensitive and precarious ecosystem and even minor changes or damage to the Everglades can have dramatic consequences on the heath of the overall ecosystem.

Tourism is a great way to promote the Everglades and to encourage conservation as well as a general love for the unique landscape. But the problem is, tourism can actually wreak a lot of havoc on a sensitive environment like the Everglades. This has led to the increase of what is called “eco-tourism.” This is environmentally-friendly tourism options that seek to minimize damage and negative impacts on the environments they seek to promote.

One of the best way to explore the Everglades is also the most eco-friendly: the airboat. Not only is this the most eco-friendly way to traverse the Everglades, it is a safe way as well. Alternative means of transportation such as a kayak or inflatable watercraft is not nearly as stable and secure as an airboat. These watercraft also do minimal damage to the surrounding environment.

Airboats ride one top of the water and the propeller is actually above the waterline. This means that aquatic plants and animals that call the waters of the Everglades home are not threatened by propellers tearing through the water. If the airboat comes into contact with a larger animal, it is most likely to slide right over it, leaving the animal and passengers of the boat unharmed. It is a great way to see the beautiful landscape without leaving permanent damage in your wake – something that is incredibly important in such a delicate ecosystem.

The Everglades is a unique landscape that is unmatched anywhere else in the world. Here you will see an ecosystem unlike any other and will come into contact with plants and animals that are found few other places. This is a dynamic and sensitive ecosystem whose health relies on a balance that humans can so easily throw off. This is why eco-tourism, such as with airboats, is highly recommended. It allows you to witness this pristine environment and leave it no worse off than you found it. Airboats are an excellent way to see a one-of-a-kind environment, without leaving a huge ecological footprint in your wake.

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