Internships Offered through the Everglades

internshipsThe Everglades isn’t just a park or place to visit – it’s a giant classroom. It’s a learning experience. It’s a great place for a student to intern. With an Everglades internship, people can gain experience in biological sciences, interpretation, administration, and more.

Internships are available through the Everglades BioCorps Internship Program, the Greening Youth Foundation, and the Student Conservation Association.

Everglades BioCorps Internship Program – This internship program is a  collaboration between the National Park Service, the South Florida National Parks Trust, and other agency and university partners. Interns get work experience in resource management.

People will gain in-depth experience in the Everglades ecosystem. Interns work with Park scientists on park-relate projects. Such projects have included: invasive reptile management and research, sea turtle net monitoring, freshwater aquatic ecology monitoring. For open positions, click here:

Greening Youth Foundation – GYF empowers its interns to value diverse ideas and experiences. The internship’s goal is to help protect and preserve public land. Interns can work in cultural resources, biological sciences, interpretation, engineering, and business. For internship openings, search here:
Student Conservation Association – This group’s mission is to build the next generation of conservation leaders and inspire lifelong stewardship of the environment and communities. Interns receive experience with hands-on service to the land. For open positions, search here:

Explore the Everglades by Private Airboat Tour

The Everglades is an educational place, whether you want a job there or not. From tours to exploring, you’ll learn something new!

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