Succulents in the Everglades

succulentWhat comes to mind when you think of a succulent? A pretty, little greenish-blue plant that lives in a tiny pot in your house? Succulents in the home is popular at the moment. However, many succulents are actually native to the Everglades.

Below, we’ve shared some succulents that can be found in the Everglades:

  • Agave decipiens can be found around beach dunes and shell mounts. It is a bright-green succulent with spiny leafy margins. Tequila, mescal and other drinks have been derived from the Agave.
  • Sisal hemp (a. sisalama) has good fibers in it that is great for making clothing and rope.
  • Wormvine vanilla (Vanilla barbellata) never touches soil and has a few tiny leave and thick succulent stems. Their stems are an orange hue when conditions are harsh. They produce beautiful flowers. They are found in coastal forests.
  • Shoreline seapurslane (Sesuvium portulacastrum) is a herb that grows in coastal prairies and beach dunes in the Everglades. It has thick, fleshy leaves with succulent, reddish/green stems. This succulent grows up to 12 inches with some stems growing up to three feet. It produces pink flowers. It helps beach erosion by catching sand in its roots.

Explore the Everglades by Private Airboat Tour

If you’re a fan of succulents, you’ll love spotting them in their native habitat. The Everglades is packed with plants and flowers for you to enjoy. Many of these species you won’t get to see anywhere else.

A great way to take in all the plants in the Everglades is on an airboat tour. Even if you don’t see a succulent, there will be so many other plants you will see and learn about on your trip.

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