How Best to Avoid Pests on a Trip to the Everglades

everglades pestsA visit to the Everglades is a once in a lifetime experience. In the Everglades, you get to see a unique ecosystem that is unlike anything else in the United States. It is a diverse and abundant ecosystem that is an excellent place for the avid nature enthusiast and bird watcher alike.

There are tons of different ways to experience the Everglades, whether you take a foot tour of the national park, go on a bird watching tour, or go on an airboat ride around the pristine landscape to see it up close and personal. Whatever your particular interest, there is a way to enjoy it here.

One of the problems, however, is that in these varied and abundant settings there are, well, varied and abundant bugs, some of which can bite and sting, or simply just be a huge nuisance. Anyone visiting the Everglades for the first time should be prepared for the bugs they are likely to encounter and how to protect themselves from excessive irritation.

The most common nuisance is, of course, the mosquito. People who live in Florida have a whole host of different ways they deal with this ever-present pest, but almost all recommend going with a heavy duty bug spray when you visit the Everglades. Watch out for fire ants and cow ants as well. These are very abundant and can painfully bit your feet or legs.

Some claim that rubbing citrus peels on your feet and legs can help repel them, but it is recommended that you just wear appropriate feet coverings to protect yourself from bites.

Though they do not bite, one should also be forewarned about the Palmetto bug of Florida. If you have never been to Florida or never seen one of these, it can be an incredibly frightening experience. These are ugly and alarmingly large bugs that seem to have a knack for flying straight at any person they encounter. They are harmless, but also still rather unsettling. There is no way to really avoid them in Florida, but you can help reduce the likelihood you have multiple visitors of this variety by keeping all food properly sealed or stored in the refrigerator.

Visiting the Everglades is a unique and incredibly beautiful experience. There is tons of flora and fauna that you don’t find anywhere else and the views are stunning and unique. However, with all this beauty does come some cost. Insects are an ever-present reality for those who live in Florida, and if you are planning on visiting, it is advised that you come prepared to manage the pests that are likely to accompany you along your travels.

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