Basic Information About the Everglades 

habitatsIf you’re thinking about coming out on an airboat ride with Captain Mitch, you’ll be spending some time in the Everglades. How much do you know about the Everglades? It’s a beautiful landscape, and our team at Captain Mitch’s Private Everglades Airboat Tours wanted to share some information with you about the area.  

On an airboat tour, we fly through grass and swamps of the Everglades. Taking an airboat ride in the Florida Everglades swamp land and an ecosystem is unlike any other in the world. Similar ecosystems, like he Amazon, Nile Basinand the Mississippi River Delta all differ from one another in many ways. However, one unifying factor is the presence of significant freshwater rainfall near an ocean or other saltwater body. This flow of fresh water from rivers into salt water creates a mixture called brackish water. Brackish water is home to a variety of flora and fauna found in the Florida Everglades 

The flow of nutrients and small mineral particles that flow into the Everglades serve as food for the small life forms that grow. Other semi-aquatic plant life found in the Everglades serve as a breeding ground and nursery for fish, birds, alligators, deer, bears, hogs, snakes and more.  

The Everglades is lush and green almost year-round due to the warm temperature and flow of fresh water created by the rains of about 60 inches are year annually.  

The total acreage of the Everglades (land and water) is 1,542,526 acres.  

About 1 million people visit the Everglades each year.  

Ready to explore this beautiful land? Our local captains will show you a great time. You’ll get the chance to see alligators, birds, and more. Our airboat tours are a thrill ride as well as an educational experience. There are many exciting anwonderful things to see on Captain Mitchs Airboat tours 

Come enjoy a fun trip out on the water exploring the Everglades on an airboat tour that leaves from Everglades City. Captain Mitch’s Everglades Private Airboat Tours  is open 7 days a week from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. If paying by cash, adults cost $40 (plus tax) and children 12 and under cost $20 (plus tax. If paying by credit card, adults cost $45 (plus tax) and children cost $25 (plus tax).  

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