Ecosystems in the Everglades: Part 1 

mangrovesThere are many different ecosystems in the Everglades. In fact, you will fly by many of them on one our airboat tours. For this blog post, we wanted to share some information with you on a few of the ecosystems in the Everglades.  

Mangroves: Mangrove forests live along coastal channels and winding rivers in south Florida and the Everglades. The term “mangrove” identifies several species of salt-tolerant trees that thrive in harsh growing conditions along the coast. There is red black, and white mangroves found in the Everglades. The red mangroves are the most well-known for their stilt-like roots that stick out above the water. These mangroves live in tidal waters where the freshwater and saltwater mix together. The Everglades is home to the largest population of protected mangrove forests in the hemisphere. Many marine species call mangrove forests home. Birds also use mangroves during their nesting periods. Mangrove forests also help protect inland and the Everglades from surges and winds due to hurricanes.  

Coastal lowlands: Coastal lowlands live between tidal mud flats in Florida Bay and dry land. The coastal lowlands are also known as the coastal prairie. This area is well-drained and is filled with shrubby, salt-tolerant vegetation. No mangroves can thrive in the coastal lowlands due to periodic flooding and heavy winds. Many different species can live in the lowlands due to its varying salinity levels. Succulents and other desert-like plants are known to thrive in the lowlands.  

It’s important to protect  and care for all these different ecosystems as they all play a critical role in the lifecycles of endless plant, animal, and insect species.  

Want to see a few different ecosystems up close?  

Next week, we will discuss about the following ecosystems: pinelands and hardwood hammock.  

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