Everglades Mammals: Florida Bonneted Bat 

habitatsThe Florida Bonneted bat is one of many bat species living in the Everglades. Unfortunately, in 2013, this bat was classified as endangered.  

This species of bat is found only in southern Florida and has one of the most restricted ranges as this bat is non-migratory.  

It is the largest of the bat species in Florida. It can grow up to 6.5 inches in size with a 21-inch wingspan. Although a larger bat, it only weighs up to 1.7 ounces. Its tail extends beyond a short tail membrane.  

The Florida bonneted bat eats beetles, flies and other insects.  

You can find this bat in wetlands and forests. These bats roost themselves in tree cavities, cliff crevices, and buildings. This bat doesn’t just live in rural and wooded areas, it can be found in residential and urban areas, as well.  

This bat’s fur can range in color from a dark gray to a gray with brown in it. These bats give birth to one baby (pup) at a time but may have more than one pup in a year. Baby bats are born usually between June and September.  

The reason the Florida bonneted bat is endangered is because of its small habitat, which is threatened by human population growth, development, agriculture, habitat loss, climate change, and more. This bat has a small population with few colonies, which means they are slow to reproduce, which makes them even more vulnerable. Other threats to this bat include: hurricanes, pesticides, human removal from urban/residential areas, species competition for roost sites, disease, and predation.  

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