Everglades Trails You Should Check Out

trailsThe Everglades is a magical place to explore, but being that it’s the outdoors, it’s a good idea to stick to paths and trails. The Everglades National Park allows visitors to explore the area with many hiking and bike trails winding throughout the wetlands. People can also canoe, boat, and kayak through the Everglades’ waterways.

If you choose to go on a trail, the Park recommends that visitors bring water with them and to pay attention to the weather forecast. If you hear thunder, the Park suggests going into a building or vehicle. Being a warm climate, insects are plentiful, so you should wear appropriate clothing and apply bug spray. Pets are not allowed on any of the Park’s trails.

Below, we’ve shared few trails within the Park that allows people to explore.

The following trails are currently not being maintained because there are endangered species nearby.

Coastal Prairie Trail – This trail is 11.2 miles long. It isn’t recommended due to its high exposure of mosquitos and sun and mud. Being 11.2 miles, it can be a tiring walk.  This trail is a critical habitat for the Cape Sable thoroughwort.

Snake Bight – Snake Bite is a 7.6-mile loop trail. It is moderately-difficult and leads from the forest to the shoreline of the Florida Bay. You may see crocodiles, flamingos (in December), mosquitos, pythons and anacondas on this trail. This trail is good for biking and walking, but it does get buggy. This trail is considered a critical habitat for the Cable Sable thoroughwort.

Christian Point Trail – This is a 4.2-mile harder trail that leads you deep into a mangrove forest along the Florida Bay. Beyond the forest, the trail will lead you to a small prairie that opens up later into a large mark prairie. It can also be buggy. This trail is a critical habitat for Cape Sable thoroughwort. c

Other Non-Maintained Trails to Checkout:
Rowdy Bend
Bear Lake
LPK Bike Trail

These trails are maintained:

Anhinga Trail – This trail is easy and is .8 of a mile long. It’s close to the Park entrance, which is why most visitors travel on this trail. You can easily spot wildlife along this trail, including alligators and birds. There are several observation decks throughout the trail.

Bayshore Loop – Bayshore Loop is an easy to moderate level trail that is 1.3 miles long. This trail is very buggy. This loop will bring you along the edge of the Florida Bay through the coastal prairie habitat. It passes through the original fishing village of Flamingo. Bayshore Loop is a great bird-watching trail.

Pa-Hay-Okee Boardwalk – The Pa-Hay-Okee Boardwalk is an easy .2 loop that leads visitors through the “River of Grass” (Pa-Hay-Okee) within the Park for a close look at the area. It leads people to an observation tower.

Other Maintained Trails in the Everglades:
Bear Lake Trail
Bobcat Boardwalk
Gumbo Limbo Trail
Guy Bradley Trail
Mahogany Hammock Trail
Old Ingraham Highway
Otter Cave Hammock Trail
Pinelands Ecotone
West Lake Mangrove Trail

Explore the Everglades by Airboat

From alligators to flowers, there’s a lot to observe and explore on these trails – you get an up-close-and-personal experience in a beautiful area. If you’re tired of walking or you want a different view of the Everglades, hop on an airboat tour.

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