Info about the Long Pine Key Trail

long pine key trailWe wanted to share some information with you about one of the best preserved, pine rocklands in Florida: Long Pine Key Trail.

Long Pine Key Trail is not currently being maintained in order to preserve the habitat in the area for the Florida leafwing and Bartram’s scrub hairstreak butterflies and their host plants. These butterflies are native to south Florida.

This area holds about 80 percent of all remaining pine rockland in Florida. Pine rocklands have been disappearing since the last 1800s due to urban development, agricultural expansion and fragmentation.

This habitat has a lot of plant biodiversity and is home to several endangered species such as the eastern indigo snake and the Florida panther, which is Florida’s state mammal.

The trail is open, but you should enter with caution as the train isn’t maintained meaning there is likely branches, vegetation, flora, and fauna that may be in your path or affect your walk or hike.

Long Pine Key is over 22 miles of connecting trails. Bicycles are allowed but the path is not wheelchair accessible. Many trails start at the Long Pine Key Campground, which is seven mikes from the main park entrance at the Ernest Coe Visitor Center. You can also park on road shoulders near gates where the trails meet paved roads.

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