Marco Island Airboat Tours Never Disappoint

Whether you are a year-round resident of Southwest Florida or are just visiting friends and family, Marco Island is always a popular attraction and a wonderful destination to experience some of the area’s beautiful weather. People live in Florida or travel to the area for a variety of reasons, but most people can agree on the attractions of sunshine, beaches, and local freshwater and saltwater rivers and lakes. While Marco Island offers all the basics needed for a tropical vacation, there are a couple of truly unique opportunities here as well.

There are always an abundance of outdoor activities available on Marco Island and the surrounding areas, many of them both exhilarating and family-friendly. If you find yourself in the area, don’t miss your chance to experience Florida the way it was truly meant to be seen, on an Everglades swamp tour with a friendly and knowledgeable guide.

Marco Island swamp tours are one of the only ways for people to experience the natural beauty of the Everglades up close, on one of the original methods of transportation invented specifically for fast transport over shallow water. Visitors can experience the Everglades with the guides who know this area best, guides that grew up in the area and have lived here their whole lives. The Everglades is truly one of the most unique ecosystems in the entire world, and Captain Mitch and his crew are passionate about sharing their home with others and spreading an appreciation and love for the plants and creatures that also inhabit the swamplands.

Marco Island is centrally located within Southwest Florida, and is easily accessed from any number of popular surrounding cities, such as Naples, Bonita Springs, and Fort Myers. Marco Island is also just a quick drive from the opposite coast of Florida, and can be easily accessed from Miami, Homestead, or Fort Lauderdale.