Obama Shows His Support for the Everglades

President Obama

President Obama supports Everglades restoration.

Good news for the Everglades this week, with President Obama having announced on Monday, February 2nd that he is proposing to spend $195 million on Everglades restoration projects starting in 2015. This is quite a jump from last year’s proposal, showing that Obama will support the Everglades restoration project throughout the remainder of his presidency.

In general, Obama’s plans for his last two years in office include many large-scale public works projects, including the construction and repair of various national roads and bridges, so the project of Everglades restoration fits nicely into his “big picture” plan. The restoration will not only revive the natural landscapes and wetlands of the national park, but because it requires massive construction, it will produce hundreds of jobs in the area as well. Everybody benefits from the Everglades restoration.

Everglades restoration projects include:

  • Addition of multiple water reserves in Broward County
  • Restoration of the Kissimmee Valley

With specific goals for restoration including:

  • Restoration of natural water flow
  • Further protection of endangered wildlife
  • Prevention of future flooding
  • Assurance of clean water supplies throughout Southern Florida

It’s easy to join the President in showing your support for the Florida Everglades, by supporting local businesses who rely on tourist support in order to survive. It is the gentle Gladesmen like Captain Mitch of Captain Mitch’s Airboat Tour Company
who brave the Everglades waters every single day so that others can enjoy the beauty that is the River of Grass from the comfort of an airboat ride.