Rising Sea Levels in the Everglades

river of grassAs the Earth warms, sea levels have risen, which has pushed the freshwater-saltwater barrier inland in the Everglades, as well as destroyed marshes and killed off mangroves – both of which are habitats to many creatures and threatened species. This large subtropical wilderness also is a protective barrier against hurricanes but between climate change, development, and draining, the Everglades isn’t functioning properly.

As sea levels rise, the mangroves keep retreating and many drown. According to research done by Florida International University, mangroves will likely all be submerged by water in 30 years as there is nowhere else for them to go. A geologist at FIU believe mangroves will be replaced by open water and the outlook isn’t good.

Mangroves are not just important to the Park, they are important for humans and life itself. They buffer storms and saltwater. They give many marine creatures a home.

The FIU research showed mangroves are migrating west over marshland at about 100 feet a year but they have been halted by a levee (flood barrier) in Miami-Dade county.

With mangroves moving inward, south Florida will become more vulnerable to storms.

The rising sea levels are also causing land loss to occur.

The ecosystem of the Everglades continues to shrink. Although there are restoration efforts in place, sea level rising is still a critical problem as its occurring at a rapid rate. In the south Florida coastline, the sea level is rising three times faster than the world average. Now, saltwater is entering the Everglades.

The Everglades is currently unhealthy, despite restoration efforts. It’s up against a lot of threats. It’s’ essential to do everything we ca to restore the Everglades so it can put up a fight against sea level rising and mangrove collapse.

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